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The physical feature for which you are most often complimented: My eyes

A place where you have always wanted to fool around: I think I've managed to 'fool around' pretty much everywhere I want to...

A wonderful place where you have fooled around: A clearing in the woods on the hills overlooking my village

A strange place where you have fooled around: The field outside the back of my student residence in the first year

A special place on your body that, when kissed, feels unbelievably good: The back of my neck

An unfulfilled sexual fantasy: I've done 'em all :o)

A fulfilled sexual fantasy: Ice cubes, ice cream, handcuffs, blindfold, etc...

A fragrance that reminds you of someone you have been intimate with: My penfold pencil case smells of Rachel... *sigh*

The approx. number of sexual partners you have been with: Approximately 3.1 - or more accurately, 3

The first time you ever achieved orgasm: I dunno, I was young...

A person you regret sleeping with: I think we all know the answer to this one...

A person you regret not sleeping with: Karen - it would have fitted in with how everything went, and would conveniently have led to me losing my virginity 3 years sooner than I did..

You feel most attractive when: I'm naked and people aren't screaming and/or throwing things at me

A fantastic kisser you have known: Mmm... Rachel...

The worst kisser you have ever kissed: Fiona probably... Or Daniel...

The book, song or movie title that best describes your sexuality: Suckers for Self Destruction - I'm Not As Gay As You Think I Am. Yes, it really is a song. And there's a really good reason I wrote it :o)

Profession: lazygirl/student/part-time sales assistant

Height: 6'2"

Allergies: Tetanus shots, bee/wasp stings

A smell that makes you pause: Urine has that effect...

A taste that makes you melt: Chocolate

A city you'd like to visit: I don't think there really is one...

A country you'd like to explore: Brazil

Your favorite meal: Pizza Hut!

A drink you order most often: Vodka / Tuaca / Coke

A book you highly recommend: Michael Moore - Stupid White Men

An author who has moved you: Michael Moore

The music you prefer while alone: Audio Karate, Everclear, The Ataris, Fuel, Suckers for Self Destruction, Further Seems Forever, Lifehouse...

While at a party: Cheese! Like last night... :o)

Your favorite band: Audio Karate / Everclear

A film you could watch over and over: Blade Runner

A TV show you watch regularly: South Park, Buffy and Friends

A monument you would like to have a view of from your room: Statue of Liberty would be nice

Your favorite time of the day: It's a rather tricky time really, and one that few people experience. It involves about a week of not watching TV, opening the blinds, or doing anything that might give you an idea of what time it is. You nap constantly when tired, and wake up after only a couple of hours. Eventually, you have no concept of time, and can't even work out what day it is, let alone whether it's morning, afternoon or night. Failing that, 3am is quiet nice.

Your strangest possession: Pants leg hat!

Your most prized possession: My photo album, or my guitar...

If your house was burning and you could only save three things, what would they be? Photos, Wo-Wo, Computer. Insurance can cover the rest...

Your most recent lie: Telling the guy from Boys & Girls that I was single, because he asked me, and I choked, and wanted to get onto the show, and I thought I'd have a better chance if I was single. But that doesn't mean I'd do anything bad. Promise :o)

A lie you tell yourself: "You're good on the guitar"

Someone you have killed in your thoughts: Lately? Can't think of anybody specifically...

One thing in this world you are addicted to: Red Bull

A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis: Vodka?

If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: Sex? Wait, I am....

Drugs you have tried in the past: Alcohol, weed, amyl nitrate...

A drug you will never try again: None of the above - I've not really had a really negative experience of drugs due to careful experimentation....

You have read someone's diary or gone through their personal possessions without asking?: I expect so, but not recently - it wouldn't be right

Have you purposely hurt someone emotionally: I can go one better, I have deliberately destroyed somebody emotionally. But they really did deserve it...

Have you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: It's rarely an accident

Have you apologized? It has been known

Do you believe in God: Up to a point

What religion were you raised with: I was raised agnostic

Do you still practice this religion: I wouldn't be so stupid as to say that I have no doubts about my religious beliefs and that they cannot possibly be wrong, so I guess I do, to an extent, but it's still fairly different...

How you picture the end of the world: I don't

Does life exist on other planets? Almost certainly - the universe is built specifically around logical rules which promote life

Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist: Not to my recollection

Three qualities you look for in a friend: Humour, accessibility, moral attitude

The friend you miss the most: Rachel

When was the last time you saw this friend: Too long ago

A friend you lost for a reason other then death and why: Bri, because he just moved in a different direction to me...

A friend you need to forgive: I've plenty who could do with apologising, but I need to forgive none of them

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The worst kisser you have ever kissed: Fiona probably... Or Daniel...


I've told you before, you were far from the worst - even with all the hair ;o)

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