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I've been absorbing more knowledge this morning, simply because that way I can say "Bring on the extension essay questions" in the test later. This is my chance to show everybody what I'm capable of, etc... The more knowledge I have, the better the answers I can give, it's as simple as that...
I don't wanna hear about your damage
I don't wanna hear you say that you think I'm damaged too
Because I know you know that the damage in me
Is from the horrible things you say and do
I know that the damage in me comes from the damage in you
I just want it all to go away

I can see the light above me
I hear the sound of a brand new song
I don't wanna hear your reasons
'cause I know what's right
I know what's wrong

I can see the light above me
I hear the sound of a brand new day
I'm not gonna settle for less
And I don't think things are ever gonna change
I just want it all to go away
Oddly, I can't get into this Discworld book at all... The first Science of Discworld book was really interesting, and was all evolutionary-biology like. This one is all sociology based, and while it seems good, I don't seem to be able to really get a handle on any of it. So it's back to finishing off The Origins of Life. It's good, it's already been through symbiosis, the evolution of sex, and it's now up to the section on the evolution of multi-cellular organisms. 'tis all good...
Where no-one fights
And no-one screams
No-one lies
And no-one leaves
I don't care how the story ends
I wanna feel like I used to feel
I wanna feel like I'm living again
I could vanish so easily..

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