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Argh, I am up at Stupid O'Clock for no good reason :o\

However, I did get a selection of books in the post, hooray. To further my studies, I bought three books...

The Major Transitions in Evolution - My Biology teacher recommended this one to me, saying that it said everything he'd ever thought about Evolution. It's by John Maynard Smith, who works at Sussex Uni, and whose books are the basis for a lot of our additional reading...

The Origins of Life - Also by JMS, this is the beginners version of the above book. It provides the material without the biological complexity, which is going to be quite useful. I'll read this one through before trying to understand the difficult one :o)

The Globe - Well, y'know, The Science of Discworld was actually quite educational and interesting, I figure that the sequel ought to be equally good. So....

Time to do some reading...

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for meeee for meeeeeeeeeee! stupid o'clock for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :P

But you weren't there :oP

yes, but originally, silly. :P *kiss*

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