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Now you too can endorse the international terrorist organisation affectionately known to many of you as the Adjective Army, with your own websites. The code is easy:

<A HREF="">
<img src="" width=468 height=60 border=0></a>

This is yet another example of how easy my system makes it for me to do stuff - I opened up the file, put in a new randomiser so that it picks a random banner, and then if that banner is LJ, picks a random one of those, then just uploaded that file along with the image for the banner. So easy to do :o)

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Bah, what the hell

It's going to be added to my website, somewhere, somehow, sometime

Groovy.... I shall look out for it, I'm sure :o)


Yah, I bet you will

Those are the colours you ought to use for - or you could switch out black with white to make it readable.

Well obviously you'd say that - I used your color suggestions on the banner. But I like my purple :o)

Yes, but I'm right :-)

And James, I know you miss American breakfasts, but with all due respect, we who are intellectually superior (ie Europeans :-) use colour, not the castrated spelling that is color.

Please try to understand that language is a dynamic, organic thing, and is not rigid. Dropping the "u" means very little to anybody, except to a computer which recognises the word "color" but not the word "colour". Thus, I opt for the word that is understood by Java, HTML, and pretty much every other computer thing I use.

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