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Argh... My nerves are shot to Hell. I went to talk to my Biology teacher about the possibility of doing research work in the field, which was all good. He seemed very positive about it all... Then I spoke to the head of graduate studies in Biology, and I'm rather less enthusiastic about how that went. I was kinda put on the spot, and asked some questions which were a little more searching than I was prepared for. The overall impression I was left with was that he wasn't in any way impressed...

If it was anybody else, guru that I am, I would advise them to treat it as just one of the many tests that face people hoping to do postgraduate study, and that the test does not end when the conversation does. In order to demonstrate that I'm committed to the subject, and that I'm not going to let (what I perceive to be) a failure on my part deter me, I'm going to e-mail him, and try to explain myself, explain my motivation for wanting to do the course, and a little of my background. The stuff that I failed to properly get across in the meeting.

Hmm, I really ought to take my own advice more often.... Time to get on to writing that e-mail...

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...just one of the many tests that face people hoping to do postgraduate study

What tests are these then? They phoned me, offered me ten grand, so I went back! Where's the test in that? ;0P


Your input would be much better placed if you were to tell me what you think of the post immediately after this one :o)

Hmmm I guess I'm a tad late for this but erm if it were me and it was at work I would be pissed off that you had not (seemingly at least) adequately prepared for the meeting and as such were sending the email because of this. If it were a chance conversation however I see no harm in it at all - and it reads well enough and is clear in its message.

Not much more I can say really - I hope you get it! I take it you have funds for postgrad study?

Yeah, 'twas a chance conversation. From his point of a view, a colleague had come up and said "You should meet this guy, I think he's quite good", rather than me actively trying to talk to him or something :o)

And apparently I'll get the funds if I get a 2i or better. Otherwise, I'll need to have the faculty on my side (hence the grovelling message etc.)

Cool - I think it will be good - a degree does carry you a certain way (whether it SHOULD or not is a different conversation) but a Masters certainly opens a LOT of doors career wise.

Best of luck - In my opinion its a wise move!

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