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My poor father - senility is an awful thing... Still, maybe he'll get better - or less vocal ;o)

Actually, I'm grateful to him right now - he gave me a couple of tips about re-stringing my guitar, because I only do it once a year, and I tend to forget what I'm doing most of the time. It sounds a bit funny - I don't think the strings I put on are especially suited to my usual Eb tuning, so I may have to actually play the thing in regular tuning instead. It's just annoying, because that means there are songs I can't play anything like as easily, and I'd have to get used to the position of the dots again (I got used to the dots being on frets 2 & 4 in standard tuning).

In other news, The Big Double K is once more getting jiggy with his 16 year old ho. Yes, I'm referring to Neighbours. Frankly, I think it's shocking.

Time to further vegetate. I've not gone to Frisbee, since I'm not really up to running right now, despite the fact that the weather is pretty much perfect for it.

Oh, and I met a cat earlier, and it is now my friend. Then when I came back from the guitar shop, it was still there, so I stroked it some more. It looked like Alfred :o)

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Hmmm, thinks pots? kettles??

Re: or less vocal ;o)

I'm not to blame - clearly there is a genetic reason for the way I am ;o)

Re: or less vocal ;o)

Down's syndrome?

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