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My guitar is now in the following tuning:

x x G# C x x

By which I do indeed mean I've taken four of the strings off, and screwed with the others... Then I play on the C string, just a simple little lead thing on the 0, 1, 3, 5 and 8 frets. Which happen to correspond to nice harmonies with the G# string. So I play both strings, but I only bother with the C string. I like the sound it makes..

My next thing is to wonder whether I could use something like that with more strings, where they're all nicely harmonising with each other... This is where the mathematical side of music comes in nicely, since I can use that to calculate which strings I'd have to mess with...

Um, more to follow, but right now, I'm too busy dancing (really)

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The word visionary springs to mind

I've decided to tune three strings to G#, C, G#, with an octave difference between the G#s. It will still work, and the point is, it'll give me a nice harmonised lead which only requires me to worry about one string, which should make it faster than usual, which in turn would make it sound more impressive. I hope :o)

lol, you don't do things by halves do you?

Oh, and it makes more sense to do it with different strings. Have it tuned

x G# C G# x x

Because that only involves a small adjustment in how the strings would ordinarily be...

I now write all my metal basslines in D E A D
And all my funk basslines in B A B E

... beat that ;)

Okay, I write all my monotonous crap in EEEEEE :oP

Wow. Totalled.
DEAD is so satisfying, though. Because there's only one note in between the bottom two, you can really shoot up some machinegun-fire slap bass down in ridiculously-rumbly-my-floor-is-shaking land.
And EAD is, as always, a joy to play.


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