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The things I do to feel alive and productive...
See I'd love to be you
At least then I'd see you
I'm sorry I put them words in your mouth but
You wouldn't talk to me
Today, I went shopping, and got caught up in a football riot. In that order. Shopping - it was boring. I went to Game to check the minimum spec for Sim City 4, just for fun. I found out that, in actual fact, a computer twice as powerful as mine would still have immense difficulty in running it. I decided that it wasn't worth downloading it (at no point did I consider buying it). Then I wandered around various shops realising that there was nothing they could offer me at a price which I couldn't get for free. This thought was rather disappointing - I quite like spending money, but wouldn't do so if I could download whatever it is (music, DVDs, games). However, downloading things lacks the fun of spending money. So I'm somewhat stuck there.
And everything goes through me on a Tuesday night
Feeling wrong yet right
I must admit I'm wrong
Dramatise and move along
In a brief interlude, I watched some Star Trek. I must admit, it surpasses Star Wars, and perhaps even Lord of the Rings with regard to the depth of the world it creates. Having said that, it had decades in which to do it, and a massively popular (read: well funded) vehicle. Still, I can't help but admire the richness and complexity of it all, which is nice. Having said that, I still don't know exactly what the big deal is about it - the level of obsession that fans achieve is simply beyond me. I don't think I care about anything to that extent (no, not even Frisbee, bitches :oP)
My style's like a chemical spill
Feasible rhymes you can envision and feel
Oh yeah, riot... It was Brighton vs Portsmouth today apparently. I can't help but think of the Frisbee matching of Mohawks vs Sublime, and extrapolate it into a sport that supporters actually care about - i.e., big local rivalry, massive tension, etc. I saw the police helicopter out of my window, pointing a spotlight towards the station, so I decided to wander up there for a bit of a laugh. Well, it's something to do.. Anyway, we beat the cunts, and it turns out that the Portsmouth fans weren't happy about being beaten by one of the worse teams in the league. So they were all agitated and attacking the police. It was quite amusing really. Then I got ushered all around with the other bystanders, and finally made my way home again. It was a fun diversion...
I'll do anything you ever dreamed to be complete
Little pieces of the nothing that fall
So I've had another quiet night in, but that's okay, because I'm probably not well enough to go out anywhere. I've passed the time doing maths problems, reading Biology texts, and generally feeling angry with the world. Sometimes I just get into moods where everything irritates me, and this is one of them right here. I'd hazard a guess at why, but I'd hate for people to actually be aware of my motives in life. It's much more fun to leave myself and others guessing as to exactly what is going on in my head. Apparently I tend to be unpredictable. This remains to be seen...
The sky it was gold, it was rose
I was taking sips of it through my nose
And I wish I could get back there
Someplace back there
Every now and again I remember what it is I haven't got. It pains me, but it'll pass. Models, heh.. And fish and chips. But less so. Windows and radiators. Now I'm talking gibberish. This isn't unpredictable, it's just random. Sometimes my brain needs to spill out, in no particular order. Girls from dreams and discs and regret, always regret. Shouting at me, but it's not just me, and I have the right. And a pain in the chest, for at least two reasons, and I can't fix either, but that's okay. Lie down. Die for a few hours. It all works out. Should do accounts. I'm going to get you. Psycho hamster. It makes sense, honest. Pink, trains, making out, and missing. Can you see me? He doesn't deserve that a second time. Silence. Adore U. Yes, spelled like that, it's not me. And everything falling down, holding together, but looking fragile.
Sinatra's singing Summer Wind
And I'm thinking of the night we met
Just one last time
Can I hear you say
"You're my little boy
I never want you to go away"
Tomorrow I may record some songs. But I have to replace the strings on my guitar, they're horrible. That's what you get for using them for a year and a half, when they have a life of approximately a week and a half (taking into account how many hours a day I play for). Still, I'll get it sorted. And I'm really getting into NationStates, it's great - the role play aspect appeals because I have some 'interesting' ideas on how to run my nation. For example, I outlaw the sale of elf-meat, because my private army currently controls the black market in it, and the laws mean that I can force up prices without competition from legitimate sources. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of people acting in accordance with the anthropic principle, observing as much of the universe as they can, so as to eliminate the possibility of changing the present through time travel to the past. As such, we monopolise our continent's temporal activities, since we're the only ones who can turn a blind eye to things we wish changed. But right now, I feel like blowing something up, and in the absence of any high explosives, that means I need a Quadnet fix...

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You're just pleading for a fix of liam comment-whoring with this one.

*cracks knuckles*

Aside from the obvious bait, which I shall tastefully avoid:
Most of that made sense.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

Because you know what I'm talking about.

The obvious bait being the Quadnet reference?

Otherwise, no, I have no idea what you're talking about :o)

bait ::>:: And the Vanilla Ice, and I thought I heard a hint of malice in the "random bollocks" chanting...

... But as for the talking about, well, who knows. Evidently reading between imaginary lines.
Nudge nudge.

Ah, Vanilla Ice... Yay :o) These girls in Southampton demanded I sing it for them, y'know, and I did. It's all thanks to you :o)

And there's no malice really - it all makes sense if you're me... :o)

And I think you probably are imagining something. Sorry. There is no secret cabal ;o)

well, that'll be your little secret, then.

In a brief interlude, I watched some Star Trek. I must admit, it surpasses Star Wars, and perhaps even Lord of the Rings with regard to the depth of the world it creates.

The films, quite so, yes. But Tolkien's written universe is much further rooted than Star Trek's.

Sorry. If this Tolkien-compulsion irritates, ignore me. I just had to set the record straight ;-)

hmm. i've had a weird night too.
i once got caught up in a newcastle vs. sunderland football riot.
talk about rivalries.. those 2 teams games are just scary.
fish and chips... oh how much do i miss chips and gravy. ah.

and how do u download dvds from the internet?

Mostly using Kazaa...

kazaa rocks. i get most of my music from it. but i think doing that killed my old computer over xmas.

Every now and again I remember what it is I haven't got. It pains me, but it'll pass. Models, heh.. And fish and chips.

I'd quite like a new guitar, ergo I am going to buy one soon. I had some fish and chips, but they went cold.

Hmm... Now I read it in that quote, it looks like I'm moaning about my lack of models and fish & chips. For the record, I want neither of those things :o)

.. see, no single sentence is connected to any other, no matter how it might actually appear. It was just random disjointed thoughts...

Everyone should want fish and chips! I have toast and cheese.

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