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So, this morning I watched Tron. F'ing awesome movie, and it's short enough that I never get bored of it before the end, which is nice (I get bored of movies easily). Practice yesterday was fairly good - worst weather of the year, and we had enough people for 7v7 games, which was pretty amazing. And a few new people came along, which was quite a surprise. Hopefully they'll be along on Sunday too, for the indoor (and thus dry) practice. Just hope my (minor) groin strain has stopped hurting by then...
I think that tonight I will sneak into your house
And I'll sing songs and wake you up
And I'll take you blindfolded dancing onto bridges
And you'll say you don't want to be with me
No-one ever does
No-one ever thinks of me that way
But I will even drive you home if you never let me forget about you
And if you promise me that I'm good enough for someone
The most lame emo lyrics ever, I thought I'd share them with you. Unsurprisingly, they're by Saves the Day. I've got some advice for them - stop singing songs about breaking and entering, kidnapping, and mutilating girls. Then you might get some.

Last night was fun.. Drinking games and such, and I managed to only spend £5 the entire evening, which means that I still have money from my entertainment budget from last week. And damnit, I want to spoil myself. So in a bit, I'm going to go out shopping - I'll start at Boots, then go via some music shops, and then go clothes shopping. I've not really got anything in mind, I'm just going to see what comes up. According to Claire, this makes me a girl. Pfft.

It's glorious weather outside... Right now I'm sitting around in shorts and t-shirt, with my window wide open. The idea is that if I act like it's the summer, maybe it'll become summer :o)

I had lots of things to say, lots of new stuff, but now isn't the time...

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Surely it'd be wiser not to spoil yourself and to use the money for going to see Audio Karate in Birmingham?

Not if you do your job and get me on the guest list, biatch ;o)

My job? Putting it like that makes me even less likely to bother.

If you want to see the Brighton Gig, I suggest you do bother ;oP

birmingham isn't ideally the best place to go see gigs. Sometimes.

I'm seeing them in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, and twice in London :o)

seeing ltj and rbf! wheee. (new lj)

Bah, I saw both at Reading and then saw RBF in London soon after. I'm all Ska'd out...

i saw rbf at reading. I was unconsious with concussion for less than jake.

I nearly suffered the same fate.. That'll teach me to try to get front-row for NFG.. ;o)

Oh my god. I was in that tent too. - not really shocking. But i got to the front of some circle pit and well .... legged it .. or attempted to.

What??? You mean I'm the only girl that finds breaking and entering, kidnapping, and mutilating girls sexually attractive in a man? :P

Most of them don't - I had to learn the lesson the hard way...

That's unfortunate. Women today just don't know romance when they see it.

I know.. The number of times I've heard "who the hell are you and what are you doing in my room?" simply defies belief.. I only wear the balaclava to enhance the mystery aspect of it all, but do they appreciate it?!

Well's not every day you encounter a balaclava-clad mysterious stranger...especially in the comfort of your own bedroom. Sheesh...what's wrong with the girls in your area? I, for one, have to say I find that rather charming. ;)

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