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Right, it's about 3pm, and I'm 'stuck' on campus. By which I mean I've just finished a lecture, and have nothing more for another two hours, which is long enough that it can get boring, but too short really for me to pop home and have a nap (can't really justify the train journey)...

Had fun in Biology, we got taught that even a population with a mean density growth rate of 1.05 can still decrease in density. The reason it was fun was because I saw the trick behind it (the true mean is below 1, when looked at geometrically), and I don't think the others did. i.e., the birth rate varied between 0.4 and 1.7, so the average was 1.05, but the key is, the population can be decreased by more than half in a single generation, whereas it cannot increase by anything like that amount... It's fun, honest :o)

So now I'm in the computer labs, playing around in Matlab, trying out different population density curves, just for fun. Also catching up with my various online comic addictions - Dilbert, Dieselsweeties, Sexylosers, Red Meat, etc...



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It all sounds like a highly enjoyable few hours wasted...

Bio/Maths, webcomics, transport irritations, it sounds just like my life these last few days.

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