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(no subject)
1. Are you depressed?
A) Yes (go to 2)
B) No (go to 1)

2. Are you sleepy?
A) Yes (sleep, then go to 1)
B) No (go to 3)

3. Have you eaten sugar in the last few hours?
A) Yes (go to 4)
B) No (eat as much sugar as you can, go to 1)

4. Do you feel unwell?
A) Yes (take medicine, go to 1)
B) No (go get drunk, go to 1)

Seriously kids, it works...

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im inm s liiphoil tharyt goeds fom4 1 tio 4 ang backg aginxaf
helkpc med jamei e

did you come up with that yourself because that is really fucking funny

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