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I am wounded.

I kinda fell down some stairs.

For stairs, read icy concrete steps.

I was on my way to maths, and got injured, yet still went to the lecture - that's dedication for you. Then I went to Biology, and it just further confirmed my suspicion that I'd have been happier doing a Biology course at Uni than a maths one. Most vexing...

Slightly worried about my knee, it's in a lot of pain, walking is hard, it's swollen, and I have a Frisbee tournament this weekend. I therefore prescribe lots of rest for the remainder of the day, for recovering. I'm sure it'll be fine...

Got to talk to Rachel earlier, that was good... Damnit, I hate missing people this much, it's so inwardly destructive... Still, at least I get to talk to her. And I got a letter from her. Which rocked, lots :o)

Time to go to bed, try to make my legs work again, and do some of my required reading for Biology....

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hope u feel better :( how long is rachel gone for?

me gone for 3 months because i suck excessive ass. *misses jamie*

*misses Rach*

You rock though... and you'll be back :o)

Argh. I hope the pain goes soon and all is good in time for your frisbee tournament :/

I hope the exact opposite. Because I'm mean.

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