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I am Jack's Broken Heart
The whole reason she doesn't think it's a good idea is because she's got to concentrate on her exams, which I understand........

What she said:
:-) I want my dream. My dream is Cambridge

What I said:
And you'll get it - that much is obvious :-)

What I could have said:
I want mine too. Mine is you

I'm undecided about whether that would have been advisable. After all, she felt bad about the whole thing, and me being understanding (thank God for the Internet - if she could see the emotional state I'm in......) about it made her feel much better. I'd not want to upset her, because that would be far worse than just me being upset.


And yet I'm still glad I at least tried, rather than go through life being boring. Got it?

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Got it, and agreed. *big hug*

Fatherly hug.........

I recall a song from the early 70's, the first line was:

"Don't think about it, just do it"

Which is what you did. It's better to try and fail than to wonder "what if?".

Another quick hug before I go.....

Thanks - I'm glad I gave it a shot....


Yah. The things one end up regretting the most are always the thing one did not do.

Yes I get it, thank you. Look i am sorry for you and I am glad you had a go, and I refuse to argue with you thru' a computer, I'd rather do it to your face(!)c u (sorry) Becca xxx

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