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Busy.... Very busy...

Okay, it's 9am, time to get to doing stuff. First stop is the bank, to make sure that the money from my mother is in, and to ask them to pay the rent which was due out of my account a week ago. I should head off there really soon, so that I'm not waiting for ages - that place fills up pretty quickly.

Then at 1pm, I have to go meet Adele on campus, to do Treasurer type stuff and sort out some orders and receipts, which should be fun - I'm actually really enjoying this whole thing...

Then at 2:30pm, I've got a brief meeting with my project supervisor in order to arrange a time when we can come in and talk about our dissertation projects. This does mean that I'll miss the first hour of Frisbee, but that's not such a problem - I'll get there for about 3pm, and play for a couple of hours (or as long as the light holds out for - the days are getting longer though).

And somewhere between all that, I need to go get my student loan sorted out, because it hasn't come through... Fun...


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