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[23:17:10] <TSC> You'll be pleased to know it's quite warm over here at the moment
[23:19:27] <Antti> Silence. I do not want comments from sombody living upside-down. Especially if it's warm there.
[23:21:41] <Antti> You know, I just realised that I hate coldness.
[23:22:01] <Antti> And I have no chance of escaping it.
[23:23:32] <Jamie> How about leaving your stupid country?
[23:23:42] <Jamie> Move to Australia
[23:23:45] <Jamie> Be just like Chris
[23:23:54] <Jamie> His people lived in cold countries once
[23:24:02] <Jamie> Then they raped and murdered people, and got sent to Australia
[23:24:05] <Jamie> You too can do the same
[23:25:40] <TSC> It's worth it
[23:25:53] <Antti> When Finns raped and murdered, they got sent to siberia
[23:26:01] <Antti> So...
[23:26:03] <TSC> There's your problem

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Interesting... A Finn named Antti. I met someone fitting that description a few eeks ago. Does he have a surname?


Or something closely approximating that...

I can believe that. Finnish words are wonderuflly long. It's an interesting language, from what I know. Just a shame I've never had time to study it properly...

It's a stupid language - nobody learns it. Most of my Finnish friends speak more Svenska than Suomi

Its obscurity only encourages me. Curse of a languagegeek, I'm afraid.

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