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I have lectures today... And thus, the whole "university" thing starts again... I have something at 12:30pm, but I don't think that's a course I really want to take. It clashes with my Biology course on Thursdays, potentially. If I find out that the evolution course isn't actually on that day, maybe I'll consider it. I'd much rather ditch a different course, really...

See, I have to ditch either ODE or Decisions. If I ditch ODE, then I start at 2pm on Tuesday rather than 12:30pm, and that's about it. However, if I ditch Decisions (which I had kinda been looking forward to a bit, except that it does include pre-req material that wasn't on my course), then I start at 2pm on Mondays (rather than 10:15am), have a free Wednesday, and start at 11:30am on Fridays instead of 10:15am...

The only down-side is that one of my ODE lectures clashes with Biology. Grrr... Oh well, perhaps I can go to each one, just alternating the weeks, or something. The nicer my timetable, the more likely I'll go to stuff :o)

It's really annoying - there's a great Extreme Sports weekend happening in late Feb - abseiling, caving, potholing... It's all happening up in Derbyshire, where I went on a school trip when I was 11. Then on the Sunday, we're doing the Dovedale walk, which I did back then on the trip. It'd be this massive nostalgia kick, since I can still remember it all so well. The problem - it lasts for three days. And on each of those days, there's an Ataris gig. Friday is Manchester, Saturday is London, Sunday is London (though I may not be going to that one). Which basically means there's no way I can go. Bollocks.

It's so cold outside right now... It's snowing, and has been on and off for the last twelve hours or so... I know this because Penny told me when she called me at about 2:30am because she was drunk and walking home, and needed company of some sort, even if only over the phone. I can't remember much of the conversation, since I was mostly still asleep, but... I can still remember the summer though - walking around without a top on because it was just too hot for one. Wandering around Brighton in shorts, lying in a hot tent at Reading, getting up for work every morning and it being warm enough not to bother with a jacket... Those were the days...

I have a problem with romanticising whichever time of year it isn't... I should try to concetrate on the present rather than dwelling on the past, but...

Got woken up this morning by another gas inspection type thing. Bloody great... Wish people would warn me about these things in advance...

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how was your first visit to rachel's...? xxx

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