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Frisbee was good earlier - 'twas just me, Waggle and Tom, throwing a disc around at the beach, but it was fun... And it was kinda nice to just have a chance to throw a disc around a bit - I've missed playing properly over the holidays. Have to get fit(ter) this term... Oh, and I'm vaguely getting the hang of putting out a hand and bouncing an incoming disc from that hand into the other. First practice is on Wednesday, and then the following Wednesday is the Re-Freshers Fair. And the Post-Grad fair. Busy...

Today (by which I mean Sunday), I'm off to Berkhamsted to go to Rachel's house (for the first time ever), and help her pack, and then steal her away somewhere for a bit for an immense make-out session. And then it's back to uni on Monday, I have duties to perform as the Extreme Sports treasurer, and potentially, lectures that I ought to try to get to.

Am feeling many things at once - I want to sleep, I want to write something political, I want to write something shallow and pointless, and I want to eat. Tricky...


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