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That does it
Thanks to the perpetual annoyance that is Becca demonstrating quite how boring a person can be if they don't follow these impulses, I have decided on a plan...

I shall (other party permitting) catch the train up from Brighton at about mid-day on Wednesday Feb 14th, arriving in Manchester at approximately 4pm. I shall then meet up with Jo, give her a huge bunch of flowers (still not sure about this detail - where would she put them? Perhaps have them delivered to her house earlier in the day or something), and then take her out for a romantic evening (probably not of the expensive variety, mind)... Afterwards, crash at David's (if he'll still have me), then come back on the Thursday morning. It ought to be great fun, if it works. If not, then at least I can say I tried, and gave it my best shot, which is ultimately what you have to do to avoid regrets. Because I sure as hell regret having let her go in the first place, and I positively refuse to do it again if there's any hope at all. I know it's completely impractical, but (yet again) I don't care, I'm going to do what I think is the right thing to do for me.

Oh, and Becca honey? Bite me...

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He might start getting ideas :-o)

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