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Welcome to the New Year

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what the hell is that?

oh dear lord.... ::gulp::

thats worrying..

it just is.. its almost wannabe goth... ::worries::

no seriously.. all he needs is a long black coat... and some dodgy gothy jewllery and well y'know he could join the brady bunch in the ministry some time!! O_o

oh god. the poor guy.

Checks : "we're not the brady bunch ... we're one big dysfunctional family" ;)

::giggles:: btw i meant no offence ;)

maybe we should invite jamie up for ministry on friday eh? then we could put the theorum to the test!

Ahh. Maybe we should. He could meet the whole dysfunctional family. The poor guy.

::giggles:: and just maybe he could meet the shanu clone if it ever returns to the ministry... and he could also epxerience the crappyness of shrewsbury, and the night life! i'm sure he'd have a smashing time!

ahhh the shanu clone *shock* i actually recall seeing a shanu looky likey. We should hunt this critter down and .. and .. *thinks* i'll think of something.

And yesh. The crappyness of shrewsbury. Hurrah for shrewsbury

Wooog! and yus we blumming well should.. ding and me did ponder it but couldn;t be arsed if i recal correctly! What exactly are you planning on doing to the shanu clone? ;) ::giggles::

Hooorah for shrewsbury indeedy doodyy!

kill it. There can be no more than one shanu upon these lands. Or just box him up and post him to ... some far off distant corner of the globe (not that corners of the globe actually exist)

But we should get Shanu up here with Jamie too

Ahh yes a cunning plan indeed! Though surely scientific experiments may also have to be performed on him as well science demands it! Mwahah

But yuss ::agrees bout the jamie and shanu thingy::

ALLLL in the name of science!!!! *RAR*

Yesh. *special* scientific tests.

*agrees again on the Shanu and Jamie thing*

Yes! Ahaha! In the Name Of Science! I'm sure we could easily caputure the little critter, and perform out tests etc

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