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I was just watching a TV show about Jane Austen, and the time she lived in. And it brought up a reference from Pride and Prejudice, where it talks about what is expected of a lady. For a lady to be deserving of a husband, she must be able to play music, draw, write, and speak other languages. And I realised the problem with my station in life - I'm expected to do all the things I hate.

I would gladly sew shirts rather than solve differential equations. The notion that to be successful you must be artistically accomplished is great - I only wish that the world allowed for that these days. I could learn a couple of languages, improve my piano skills, take time practicing art, if I thought for one second that I could survive on that later in life. But as it is, I would be no good to anybody if that was all I did.

And just think about what a good parent I'd make if I'd spent all my time reading, and playing music, and improving myself artistically. Better than somebody who knows only mathematics, that's for sure. There are good reasons why I hate the subject I study, and if I could have my time over again... I'd probably do the same, actually. I have a great natural talent for maths, and having a talent in your chosen area of study makes it a whole lot easier. And I'm far too lazy to take any other option.

Still, to be able to live off artistic talent - that would be far better......

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I would spend my time using the piano. But the fuck up of a father destroyed it.
Being arty isn't all that good. The feeling of inadequacy due to the fact of being shit poor at Academic subjects leaves me with little abilty apart from drawing.


I am doing the subject I picked because I can do it, the maths is easy.

Cross-stitch is fun. But I don't have enough time for it. :(

If I had my way, that's exactly what I'd do... Unfortunately, I am not hugely rich, so I must do other things.

But, in a perfect world, I would be Ms Arty...

that's quite a nice post.

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