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I want ANSWERS godammit!!
does Jamie go to la Ritz tonight? squeeze onto a train up to Manchester, request Tool and NIN and dance the night away?
or does he stay in his house, with his girlfriend, drink alcohol and play with Rachel for hours until she gets bored?

Also, if Jamie were to re-dye his hair in some colour other than pink, how should he do it? Streaks? Tips? Eyebrows? Nasal? Which colour? Should he even do it at all?

We can send a car to find you if you ever loose your pigeon...
Religion is destroying buildings..

bit bored.

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Your hair is pretty cool now =) Although, if you're looking to dye it again, try getting some bleach blonde streaks ;-)

do what makes you happy. hehe
you're so cute. :)

You look so terribly sad!

I cry over racial prejudice and intolerance...

You alwats look like your about to cry. Meh.
- Blue

I weep for all the hungry children in the world....


that's one of the best pictures of you

No it isn't, it's awful, and I really don't like it

tis a typcial half awake look from you ::giggles:: and yes its awful but not nearly as awful as some of the ones i've got of you :P

omg man. u look like daht guy from the intergalatick rock star boys. u know the gay 1. neways i luv ur hair. it is SO HOT like rachel stampie. i luv stampax. i fink u shud mayb do modellinbg for gay p0rn0.

my hair was pink. now it is turquoisey blue.

dye your hair turquoisey blue.

Damn, I wish I had a webcame to fool around with when I was bored... it'd pass the time, I'm sure...


Dye your hair turquoisey blue like herdivineshadow said, but do red tips with it. I think it'd be an interesting outcome.

You should dye it red w/ black tips. my friend did it once it was pretty cool..... crazy American!!!!!!!!!!!

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