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Can't we all just get along and rape each other in the face?
It's official - sex shops are useless. I don't know why I don't just shop online for fun stuff - the actual shops carry hardly anything of any worth, and are over-priced in the extreme. £40 for a pair of handcuffs?! Pull the other one..

But yeah, everything is ready for Rachel coming over tonight... ;o)

In other news, I saw the West Pier, it's lame. All that's happened is that a bit of it has fallen down, but it's a really small bit, in a boring place, so it's not really worth bothering with.

Speaking of boring places, here's What's On in the village I grew up in. Do you see now? Do you see how nothing ever happens there? This is why I'm like I am.

Strange and enchanted like fuck...

I still have to go food shopping soon. Note to self - never buy in bulk from an unfamiliar source if you're a fussy eater. I got a load of food that I simply don't like, because the bacon had too much rind on it (crunchy, vomit-inducing), the pepperoni wasn't hot enough and wasn't genuine pepperoni, etc... That'll teach me.

Stroppy and untrusting? At least I have a right - I get a feeling for things like that, and I don't seek to explain or justify it, but it exists nevertheless, and it's proved right every single time, so excuse me for my neuroses.

I've posted a fair bit lately, but none of it is visible. It doesn't seem worth it somehow, publicity, fame, being heard, all over-rated. Oh well.

I just watched the best episode of Columbo I've ever seen - it was so very Columbo, with the whole looking like a fool thing, followed by the final "Oh, just one more thing...". He rocks :o)

More later, or not as the case may be. I should go shopping....

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Notice how you didn't actually mention the name of your village... Clever.

I've been watching Columbo for the last few days, today's one ruled. He's just so frickin' cool...

Shopping of all sorts

Okay, people say not to go shopping when you're hungry, but that's a bunch of horse shit. If you go food shopping on a full stomach, you will come home with a bunch of pseudo-healthy crap you would never eat under normal circumstances.

As far as sex toys go, there was a pretty cool place near where I grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia called "The Pink Bananna Boutique." (I don't know how to spell that fruit... I'm just guessing there.) I haven't found another place like it, but it still sucks compared to online.

I do all my sex toy shopping at It's the best.

You could go out and buy a pair of £2 "novelty" handcuffs that fall apart within 5 minutes, thanks to shoddy cheap pop-rivetted, die cast construction. Still, that price is ridiculous - the most overpriced shop I know sells decent ones for £20.

Incidentally, most sex shops sell stupid, inpractical, embarrasingly bad stuff that no self-respecting pervert would use in 100 years. A good indication of this is whether or not they have pink fluffy handcuffs in stock or not. If they do, you should leave immediately and go find a proper, professional outlet.

I agree with everything else.

happen to strole by and see u were listening to a very good song. just thought i'd mention that

Ann Summers do nice ones for £20.

Good luck,

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