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Your opinions, please...
What should I do about the current situation? I know what I'd like to do, and it's this...

Perhaps it won't work with Jo. I've come a long way in the past two years, and one thing I've learned is that long distance doesn't really work long term. You meet them and bam, it's suddenly very real, and things go wrong. With Jo, what went wrong was me being stupid enough to just give up on it - it's clear that I shouldn't. So, while it may not work, I'm not going to go on regretting it. I have two options....

1. Send her a lovely big bunch of flowers for Valentine's day - Interflora do some nice ones (don't they Becca? :o).... I can get her address off David, and have it sent there as a surprise.

2. Here's what I want to do. It'll require her to know it's happening, in order for me to plan it, but.... Feb 14th falls on a Wednesday. I finish early on Wednesdays. It just so happens that I can catch a train at either 11:56 or 12:20 from Brighton which will lead to me being at Manchester Piccadilly for 4:30pm. I can pick up the flowers that I'd have bought in advance for her, give them to her, then take her off for dinner (perhaps a candle-lit picnic under the stars or something, since most eateries will be well booked by now). Get back from that, crash at David's for the night (very nice of him to offer), get a 9:30am train back to Brighton which will get me in at 2pm, so I can then get to my 3pm workshop. Let's for one minute ignore the money considerations, because I know this would be expensive. This is honestly what I want to do - my last visit was pretty much perfect, and it was only my failure to keep going after her afterwards that messed it up. I'd not mess this up, and I'd give her the most romantic night of her life. I wanna do this.

Opinions, kids? Do you think it's worth risking it? I doubt it'd grow into a relationship, much as I want it to (and I think she wants it to), but for a one-off cost, I could potentially have the most wonderful night of my life. And she's worth it. So worth it....

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This is how I make my descisions - empty your mind of everything except the two (or more?
) options.

Close your eyes, and then empty your mind of those options. Then open your eyes - the first thing that comes in your head is the thing you should do.

</small>NOTE: If the first thing that come sin your head is of a criminal nature, this is your perogitive to carry it out</small>

I say send her the flowers and stay in Brighton. Boring I know but the best thing I personally htink, what if it all goes pear shaped, you'll feel like shit. Look you are home when I am so we'll speak then, AND i get to physically abuse you!!! What fun, what joy!!! Haven't i missed you (actually i have)Oh and will I get flowers on the 14th Feb???hummmmmm. Luv ya! BEx %-P

You already got a load of flowers last year - I can't do it twice in a row :o)

*ponder* If you genuinely CAN feel about it the way you say there - that it won't be a relationship but it'd be an absolutely incredible night (and I agree!), then hell, it's MORE than worth it!!!!

Just examine your feelings carefully ... can you really be that laid-back about it? *HUG*

Well it's either do the best I can for that one night out, or just accept defeat and stay here. And I think I'd regret the latter. If I do the former, and can't be laid back about it, then at least I can look back on it and say that I tried...

That works for me. :-)

Ooh, and it'll be such a romantic evening! DO IT!!!! And report all details to us! :-D

I'd be inclined to say, go with option 2

If you go with that, and it all screws up. YOu'll know you tried
If nothing comes of it, again you'll know you tried

If you just send flowers, you'll always wonder

And it sounds like such a cool thing to do, it really does. I wish I was mobile enough to be able to do stuff like that

You rock, Webley

Will everyone stop encouraging him?????????????
Please. I know i am a boring bitch, but really...

And this is the post that has made me decide to do it. Your sheer arrogance in thinking you know what's best for me has really pissed me off this time. I have decided to go with what Ben and Deb said, and go for it.

As to "I know i am a boring bitch" - too bloody right. How often have you ever done something just because you really wanted to? Just because you want to be romantic, and to make somebody feel special? You really need to stop being so uptight, and just do what you want to for once... I mean come ON.....

Well now. From a very cynical perspective, it might have been wiser to have tried to awaken some feelings of nostalgia before simply calling.

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