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David comes up with the best gay porn titles:

"Willy Walloper and the Chocolate Factory"


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i bounced here from's blog re: the maturity/age quiz. since i seem to have missed that particular procrastination boat (pardon the bad metaphor but it is late and alas i am almost three times ten) i am leaving my own horrible 'porn name.' ok: somebody told me the formula for one's porn name is to take the name of your first pet and follow it with your mother's maiden name. that makes me: "icky bergner." argh. oy. harumph. it's best i not quit the day job with that one.

What about Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Factory? I'm sure that's been done, actually...

How about "Dirty Bitches Getting Fucked In Their Bleeding Virgin Assholes?"?

Sorry, I think I missed the point there

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