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Oh, my messed up head...
Good grief.... So anyway, talking to Jo earlier.... She said something about herself being "pond scum in comparison to Mel", to which I said...
You're beautiful, smart, *such* a genuinely nice person, and (no offence to her), Mel just can't compare
Hmm... Not so bad... She doubted what I said a bit, so then...
Seriously - I can't think of a single person in the world as great as you are. How come you don't see it yourself?
Starting to get a little less subtle... Oh well, no matter... But then....
Oh, sod this, why do you have to be so far away? :-(
(sorry, lost any signs of subtlety there, but hey....)
Some discussion later, and...
Life just isn't very fair... :-)
it aint really, no
highly unfair, in fact
And then....
come on though, Jim, you're at Uni
where thousands of wonderfaul, attractive, blah blah blah girls are
Mmm, yes. Well (and PLEASE feel free to ignore this, because it's probably somewhat inappropriate, and not going to get anybody anywhere), but not one single girl I've met here has been as wonderful as you are. That's the somewhat harsh truth of my life at Uni. *sigh*.
babe! You know i think you are fab, abd that really, the guys around me lack in comparisson
but darlin, you're at Uni.
and in Brighton.
I know. Like I said - there's nobody who regrets that anything like as much as I do...
at the end of the day, I want you to have copius amounts of fun at Uni
enjoy life, meet loads of new, interesting people, a 16yr old girlfriend back in Manchester won't allow you to do that
I just can't help but think that ever letting you slip through my fingers was *such* a huge mistake. And believe me, I will certainly enjoy life more if I can spend some of it with you.... Whether it's fair on *you*, on the other hand, is something totally different
......oh babe...
i don't know what to say
am at a loss for words!
And then...
oh damn.
we're effectively back to square one
Then she had to go to bed, leaving with this....
and thanx, for well
telling me, i suppose
although we now have a tad annoying/difficult situation
it was still rather wohoo

So what am I to do, eh? Because I don't know any more....

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Bloody hell, did she have to be so likeable! :-(

*huge sympathetic hug*

It's always the way isn't it.

Except me and Brittany are making a go of it :O)

It WILL work

It definitely will work. *HUG*


What do you think of me new LJ picture? :O)

LOVE the kilt. 8-) What are you holding in your hand?

I'm not sure.. It looked funky :O)

It does - the hair's a beauty too. :-D Nice choice!


I got another one to upload with blue hair

BLUE! Excellent! :-D

Unfortunately, she did :o(

She's, like, the nicest person in the world, along with being phenomenally beautiful, incredibly smart, musically talented, and all-round amazing...

Depressingly enough, I agree with you there, rather than thinking you're just being foolish. :-(

Bah, life is unfair. *HUG*

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