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A very modern Christmas...

we just had a breakin!! this fat fucker in a skisuit comes out our fireplace, right, and we're all like yo fat man, get the fuck out of our house! and hes all like but i bring you christmas joy, and we're like totally not buying that sh1t. then i think he called my mom a ho, & man that got my step-dad pissed. so like, bubba (thats my stepdad0 reaches under the tree and gets the gun that was for my present, and like, totally pistol whips that asshole. i think he said his name was santos or something. fucking mexican, never trust the mexicans. most of them are foren, and that's how you catch terorism. and he kept talking about this other mexican guy, jesus, but hes dumb, cos ur meant to say it as hayzoos, my mom says

anyway, i think the guy was armish or something too, cos he had one of those buggy things, but some1 had stolne the wheels off it. and he had this like, bag of stuff, it was like kids toys, hardly anything cool at all, but like, we kept it as our reward for catching the nazi terorism guy frmo mexico. thats what you get 4 fuckin with our family on christmas - we showed him what the holiday is really about - beating up the mexicans!

next im gonna find his jesus mate, now ive got my gun for xmas, and im gonna open a christmas cracker full of whoop ass on him! ima fuckin nail him lol!

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d00d! tats like, sooooo kewl. yah.

(Deleted comment)
Why are you being racist against mexicans?
Racism angers me very much.
Not all mexicans are like that.

Like what, exactly? The entire thing is a parody.

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