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Right now, there are people who are sleeping on the streets, in doorways, under whatever shelter they can find, just to get out of the biting winter cold. In a few hours, some other people are going to be waking up, sitting by Christmas trees, and opening expensive gifts to celebrate the birth of a man who thought we should all be excellent to each other.

I think I'd feel happier about Christmas if we got to swap over every now and again, but I have a feeling that the sides are fixed. Last year I was on the other side, just for a temporary change, and I at least felt like it was fair. I saw an idea of hope, I saw that these people haven't given up, and that they're just like you and me. Now I get to sleep in a warm bed, wake up to presents, and a Christmas dinner. Doesn't seem very fair at all....

Merry Christmas or Kwanza or whatever you choose to celebrate, even if it's just the fact that it's a new day. I hope you feel happy. I hope you feel fulfilled. I hope you feel like you make a difference. Enjoy your lives, for if you're able to read this, they could be worse. All the best,


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jesus would be pretty upset i suppose.

What, about what Christmas has become? If I were Jesus, I'd rather somebody put their wiener in my ear than have to sit through a commercial Christmas.....

1. about what xmas has become
2. about what christianity has become
3. about the state of the world in general

and i'm pretty upset too btw.

I think Jesus would probably get pretty angry. I mean, there's compassion, and then there's letting people pee on your memory while you stand by and tolerate it. Jesus should come down in a fiery rage and smite the heads of the multinationals who rape his birthday.....

Not. What. I. Needed.
Jamie, I have no income. I am privileged and guilty, and not a day goes by when I don't see a homeless guy in the street and my heart breaks that I can't give him anything. I reap. I sow. There is nothing I can do.
Give blood, give bone marrow.

You probably don't understand the strength of my guilt complex. I think about these things all the time, and it really hurts.
I may be privileged, but I'm not enjoying anything this year.

Pfft, as if anything in the post was levelled at you. You buy cookies and give them to random people just to provoke a reaction. In that one act of randomness, you probably bring more happiness than most people manage in a month. Don't beat yourself up over any of this - you don't have the power to change much at this point in your life, and nobody expects you to.

Someday, you or somebody like you is going to change the world. Your guilt is entirely misplaced.

Not only this, but over 20,000 people are still very literally starving to death every single day. Either you spend your life feeling guilty about it when you cannot help, or you make the most of your life because you've been given the chance, and one day you might find yourself in a position to make a difference.

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