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I've found what I want to do next year...
Programme Title: MSc in Evolutionary Biology

Entry Requirements: A lower second class honours degree in any science, mathematics or numerate discipline such as economics.

Duration: Full-time 12 months

Weekly Contact Hours: 8 (approximately)

Delivery Methods: Lectures, tutorials, computer laboratories, research seminars, guided reading and project

Assessment Methods: Coursework, 2 oral presentations (20 minutes each) and 1 project report (10,000 words)

Fees: £2,870 (likely to increase by 3-5%)

Programme Content: Evolutionary Theory, Introduction to Computing, Experimental Design and Data Analysis, Research Project

Likely Career Destinations: Variety of careers in the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Conservation and Animal Behaviour

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sorry i ran out earlier, i just am having reeeal shit from my parents at the moment, who i feel might possibly disown me if i went to anywhere except oxford. and remember my rebellion problems? heh... and you aren't here anymore. and i can't smell you or taste you or touch you on demand... and it's all a bit isolating. meh. this weekend was kinda perfect... *sigh* i'll see you soon. as soon as i goddam can...

pleeeeaase update :(

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