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There is a really hot girl in my bed right now :o)

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then why are you on the computer?

*checks the time* ok its the morning.....

I had to get up, some engineer type guy came to check the radiators, so I had to let him in and stuff...

on saturday? at 9ish? wow. could only happen in england...

He came over at about 8:15am... I was not impressed by this.

it's ok, i beat the shit out of her and tied them both up on the pier :P AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

i suppose were talking about that pier in brighton that seems to be rather famous? (read: its in every goddamned picture ever of brighton)well. thats ok then. bc that would be quite scenic. and crimes ok as long as its aesthetic right?

Yeah, but the pier is nothing that special... It's just a tiny theme park, and a karaoke bar... I don't see what the fuss is about :o)

you're still nuts for not already being back in bed... geek ;) [in the nicest possible way]

how much cash did it take to get her there? ;P

i got to see lord of the rings, and i got nachos, and all it took was 3 minutes of it! bargain :P

::purposely misunderstands::

it took 3 minutes?

woo, ego boost! ;)

You all missed the obvious. You should have tried opening a window, or perhaps removed some of the covers.

I see you haven't lost your touch...

s'about twenty books and fifty cds on my bed right now.

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