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It's good - as of January 7th, Buffy is on (in the US) every week for the whole month... I hate when they skip weeks :o)

Ah.... From an episode guide, concerning the episode on January 21st next year:

"Giles takes the potential slayers on a retreat to the desert, where he is interrupted by the Scoobies. They question him about being The First, and he reveals that he isn't."

I still maintain, he's dead, or something. He didn't touch a single thing all through the last episode, and I'm sure it was deliberate. Lots of people noticed it, there's a lot of talk about it on websites. Not that I read those... Perhaps he's The First Good, as opposed to The First Evil. Or something. And also:

"Willow is spending a lot of quality time with Kennedy and after a strange turn of events, they reveal that they are an item."

I reiterate my previous call of "yum".

That is all...

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You don't know me....I just came across your journal through a quiz thing...but I had to comment when I saw you liked They just played 2 episodes tonight....I think from season 5...really good ones...but yeah, just wanted to say hi and ya kick ass for watchin Buffy lol


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