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Thank God for Lesbians...

I don't like how this is going. A few random facts:

The First can take on the appearance and character of anybody who is dead
When manifesting itself as somebody, the first cannot touch anything

Giles looked to get a nasty blow to the neck with an axe a few episodes back
During the whole of 7x10, he doesn't touch a thing. No physical contact with anybody, or anything. For example:
One of the slayers-in-training takes the watcher books out of the bag
People open doors for him wherever he goes
He didn't knock on the door in the first place
He doesn't help Buffy when she's climbing out of the hole
He doesn't pick up a single object throughout the episode, as far as I'm aware, and I did double check

Conclusion: The real Giles is dead, and he's been replaced by The First Evil.

Or at least, that's what we're meant to think, perhaps. But then again, what about the Ripper series? Unless that's all going to be set before this. And would they really kill Giles off? Not permanently, certainly... But perhaps for a while...

Either way, I'll be watching him in the next episode, when it comes out...

Oh, by the way, TMA - here's the video clip (600kb) of the yummy yummy yummy trainee slayer from the latest episode, doing her whole suggestive thing... :o)

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It was on last night in the states- and, of course I was watching, complete with my nazi-quiet time.

As for the Giles thing- I have heard much speculation on this on the voy forums buffy message board. I don't think he's dead. However, I highly doubt that we will find out either way for a long, long time. I think the best bet is to watch carefully during the next episode to see if he touches anything. Interesting.

Did you see the ep? I especially like the Dru scenes.

Overall I didn't like this episode as much as some of the previous ones in this season (I especially liked "Conversations with Dead People"). How'ere, it was ok.

Anyway, *end encyclopedic comment*

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