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Wow. Like, wow, that was amazing.

Peter Jackson obviously loves Legolas, because he gives him all the coolest moves.

Aragorn should dump that pixie bitch, and go out with Eowyn, who rocks...

Shame we didn't get to see Saruman get spanked by Gandalf....

There were parts of the movie where I actually exclaimed "rock!" in the cinema. And there was one part which made me go so far as to exclaim "metal!", which is a high accolade indeed.

Don't want to really spoil anything though. It was very good.

I have to see it again a few times :o)

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mmmm two towers.

So Cool.


Yeah, it was really good, eh? Although, didn't you think they made Gimli a little too comical?

you thought it was ...Good? Are you for real? It was an appalling piece of self gratuitous, hollywood lick-arsery. It was awful. Literature is the food of the imagination. It stimulates. What JRR Tolkien wrote was a masterpiece. The Two Towers, trivialises a mans entire lifework.


And I bet you didn't even go and see Bowling for Columbine either did u?

Bowling for Columbine is the best film of the last year. Possibly the best and most important mainstream film of the last decade.

Right now I'm reading various books by Michael Moore - when I'm done with that, I'll go see Bowling for Columbine. I prefer his social commentary in book form anyway - he's more eloquent, from what I can see.

Lol. Fair enough.

Tho I'm told by a reliable source that his film work is much better than his literature.

It was an appalling piece of self gratuitous, hollywood lick-arsery

Which is exactly what I wanted to see - if I wanted literature, I would read the book yet again. What I wanted was some fun hollywood action. So all's well.

I find it sad. Don't take that as an insult. But you have no idea what Tolkien went through to create those lands. You have no idea what Lord of the rings really is and that is a true tragedy.

Why not? I've read biographies of Tolkien, I know the effort he put into it. I've been reading LotR for the last nine years - I'm not some illiterate who has only seen the movies or something. At what point did you become qualified to tell me what I do or do not have an idea about?

I know exactly what it is. It's the end-product (or, rather, one of them) of one of the most immense imaginations the world has ever known. And ultimately, the movie doesn't do it justice completely - it never could. But it's the best attempt I could possibly imagine, better than I had ever hoped for, and it has inspired an entirely new generation of people to read (or re-read) the original books. That's a good thing, so chill...

Lol. You take it so personally. Have great chsritmas.

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