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This was clever
gimmeurkock37: hi.. wanna chat :-)
TheUnknownJames: I expect so
gimmeurkock37: asl (age sex location)?
TheUnknownJames: Twenty one, reasonably male, Brighton
gimmeurkock37: 24/f/new york
gimmeurkock37: so what are you up to theunknownjames?
TheUnknownJames: Ritual killing of small animals
gimmeurkock37: cool. i was just hangin out. kinda bord.. kinda horny :-)
gimmeurkock37: feel like cybering with me ? please please...
TheUnknownJames: Do you like small animals?
gimmeurkock37: should i take that as a yes?
TheUnknownJames: If we can use small animals
TheUnknownJames: Do you see where I'm going with this?
gimmeurkock37: hold on. lets get a simple yes or no answer. you are of age and you want to cyber with me?
TheUnknownJames: Yes
TheUnknownJames: Sex with machines is always fun
TheUnknownJames: Bots especially
gimmeurkock37: ok, i can take a hint.. but you should check out the pictures i have of me on my site.. you might change ur mind.. check it out xxxx://
TheUnknownJames: Very clever
TheUnknownJames: Very clever indeed....

I'm well impressed - I don't mind being spammed if it's done well, and this was done well. The URL wasn't too porn-like, which is always a plus. What I want to know though is how much of my input the thing actually reads. It said that I'm "of age", which implies that it processed where I said I was twenty one. It wasn't especially good at working out that I wanted 'teh sex0r', but then again, I wasn't very clear, from a natural language processing point of view.

But yeah, that certainly beats the "SEE GIRLS HAVING ELK SEKS!" spam that AIM normally throws at me....


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