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Cooked Breakfast - yummy :o)
Well, I'm off to fry some bacon, and make an Ultimate Sandwich.... Should be yummy. Taking a timeout from Adjectivization because everybody is in bed, lightweights.... Special mention goes to this fellow, who I am seen quoting below:

Yes, I've broken the rule on evading killfiles. But I generally do, if
somebody killfiles me ranting on about me and my army. It's unfair for
me not to be able to respond to it in a manner that the original poster
can understand it. A simple *plonk*, and I won't do this, and it'll only
happen once. Anyway, on with the show...

Adjectivized peon MKSheppard had this to say:

ACTUALLY using my killfile on anyone other than stupid XXX spammers.

I could put up with Elim and TOWNBS, plus all the other stupid idiots
like Paul HJR, because they ACTUALLY cared about ASVS' primary
objective, Debating SW vs SW, even if they were pompous asses.

You have evidently missed a large number of my posts. Many were on-
topic. Please pay more attention in future.

The SBers I could understand, b/c they had a mission pretty much
similar to us - I.E. debating SF universes and who would win...

But these latest assholes, the AAers, have ROYALLY
pissed me off. They come in and say that they're taking
over ASVS 'temporarily', plus a lot of other shit.

We do not Take Over. We never said Take Over. Who said Take Over? Get
some glasses.


Subject: This is OUR FAQ. Shut up, sit down, and read.
From: The Unknown James <>

Hello and welcome to, quite frankly, the end of your newsgroup as you
know it. Um... Sorry. We are the Adjective Army, the answer to a
question that you never wanted to have to ask. Your group is currently
subject to Adjectivization. Please read the following FAQ before
attempted to engage us in conversation and/or flaming.....
Well, in short, it's basically what we do, but applied to your newsgroup
instead of ours. Our particular way of life etc. is transferred onto
your newsgroup, because to be honest, we feel you need our attention.


In to the KF, you go mothafuckas!

*multiple plonks*


I'll not let you say this shit without a response. Sorry. If you want to
debate extensively and have the last word, then be warned, I will be
VERY difficult to killfile. If you just go quietly, and ignore this
post, then all is good. Your choice.

This is unpreceedented for me. As you know, I've never KFed anyone until
now in over 2 yrs of ASVS....

Should I feel proud here? Because I kinda do......

I suggest you do the same.

Likewise - if you've not got a sense of humour, or any sort of
intelligence, this is probably the right option for you at this point.

Now, I consider this a transgression of the highest level. If this wasn't a
internet newsgroup, I'd be showing up at your (the AAers) door(s) in the
middle of the night, and I'd introduce you to the finer points of pistol-whipping,
plius a FREE demonstration of an AR-15 being fired next to your face,
permanently deafening you due to the muzzle blast.

Thankfully, I live in a country which (rightfully) keeps guns away from
assholes such as yourself. Y'ever wonder why gun crimes in your pesky
little (IQ, rather than population - we all know how big you are, no
need to ramble on about it) nation are so frequent? It's because of
fucked up little nazis like yourself, wielding guns around thinking it
makes you a man, because lord knows nothing else about your life does.

And before you laugh off my anger, please note the following:

I am a Convicted Felon.

So fucking what? Just because you have anger control problems, this
means we shouldn't address them? Come get me, fuckwit.

I was originally charged with Attempted Murder One, and got it down to Assault

Why? because some asshole (aka my father) tried to use my AR-15 as a bargaining
chip to
make me do what he wanted me to do. So I emptied my 12 gauge into his truck's

Can we say "issues"?

I have some parting words for you AA mofos before you PERMAMENTLY go into my KF:

Sooner or later, you will pick the WRONG NG to 'adjectivize', and they will fuck
you up
with mailbombs and viruses. Mark my words. It WILL happen one day.

Only if they take themselves as seriously as you. And most people
afflicted with whatever it is you've got generally avoid being quite
that stupid..... Now be a good boy, shut the fuck up, and I'll sit back
down in your killfile.
The Unknown James - Reach out and touch somebody legally for once:

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A) that was computer waffle...
B) must you take to nasty people?????
C) How am I going to know about your life if you scale down your posts, I am lonely enuff without you going as well. Sniff....

A) Only to you - the audience for which it was intended will understand perfectly what I was saying.

B) The guy was an asshole, and I wanted to push him over the edge. He's also verbally inept, which makes it all that much easier...

C) I ain't leaving this thing, don't worry :o)

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