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Right... Plan for tomorrow is to go see Lord of the Rings at 11am, which will rock.... Then after that, I'm off to uni, to use their printing facilities (since some of my colour is out). I have to print off the team picture from our tournament, so that Waggle can send it off to the kids in Chile that we raised money for with our charity match.

Tonight, I was going to go over to Adele's to watch some movies and stuff, but I've not felt well for the last couple of days, so I decided to stay in and rest. Hope I feel better for the morning :o)

Ooh, Old School Hardcore Sugar Ray :o)

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good. see other girls?!? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! i think you should wear a massive black shawl with only eye holes. and praps stop drinking. :P

dont stop drinking! =P
its all i live for :)

Hey. I found you by searching for "Audio Karate" as an interest, and I wanted to let you know that they have a community now. audio_karate. You should join! please? :]
Have a nice day.

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