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ITV News just said that people who are into pirating music and software are also often involved in drugs and international terrorism. And people ask me why I never watch this shit.....

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Yeah, it was largely the street traders they were talking about. But still, they didn't seem to make the distinction very clearly, and the link to terrorism was just stupid :o)

apart from in many South American nations, where some groups have turned to selling CDs rather than the usual drugs as the profits are equally good with much less risk of doing time, as music piracy isn't taken at all seriously ;)

Don't get me started on ITV.

1) They fuck over the Nationwide League.
2) They go bust - robbing me of Sky One and Cartoon Network



3) They have a 24 hour news channel that serves no purpose other than to be rubbish.

no, it's true. Me and my jihad group just love shooting up after ripping a couple of cds. just don't tell anyone, k?

my buddies at the local hizbollah group throw even better parties with underage slaveprostitutes from former soviet republics and weaponry bought from the axis of evil. h4x0r r0x0rz!!!1!!!111!!!!!

hmmmm what a connection.

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