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You don't want to know how much I've spent online tonight. Actually, the parental unit won't. Everybody else will. It's so far £20. But there's a reason, a very good reason. I'm putting everything I've got into this one, because *sniff* it will be my last. Fed up with the time I spend online, I'm going to take a far more relaxed view to Usenet - i.e., not be around much any more. I'm temporarily stepping down from my position as Commander of the Adjective Army, and giving it to Chas - I'm sure he'll use the official title well, he's used the unofficial one well enough :o)

I'll still monitor newsgroups, mind. alt.startrek.vs.starwars have proven to be incredibly interesting, and rather amusing - I'll not be leaving for a good long time. But posting? Not much. Going online to check news? Hardly ever. I'll be making use of the computer labs.

So why all the spending now? I hear the parental unit asking...
Well, the answer is that I want to go out on a high. I may not be back there properly for many months, and so I figured I'd blow £50 (two good nights out) on having myself as much fun as I could for the next couple of days. This means lots of Adjectivization. They're proving to be a really fun bunch, and it's always good to go out happy. Ho hum, best give Chas et al the good news... :o)

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Damn. Here I am, in Canterbury, without usenet access and you're all off Adjectivizing without me :(

Re: Adjectivization

Sorry. There will be other times, I'm sure :o)

How long is the Adjectivization going to last for? I may be back in time to see (take part in?) the end of it :)

Re: Adjectivization

It's over now, sorry :o)

Bugger :(
Ah well, hope there's another one soon :)

You will at least, I hope, still spend a reasonable amount of time on your LJ? :-(

gotta say that those two pong players are really evenly matched. I've been watching this game for some time and neither has managed to score. Please let me know what the final result is just in case I miss it. I assume that the highlights will be shown on Sky Sports 3.

Oh definitely, if not, indeed, via pay-per-view. You shall be kept informed. 8-)

(*grinning* Now there's a cute one ... I've seen messages show up as being from 'someone', but never from 'someone's father'. 8-) )

Deja vu in advance

So why all the spending now?

Damn, that's uncanny. You heard me before I'd even said it. Look on Saturday I'm going to say the winning lottery numbers out loud. So if you hear me say them before 7:30 let me know. I'll even share my winnings with you. Any attempt to double cross me, e.g. you doing the numbers yourself and winning £3 million, will result in me not paying your monthly allowance! You have been told.


A Parental Unit

Re: Deja vu in advance

Sorry, I can only hear whinging and nagging in advance... Not numbers...

Re: Deja vu in advance

OK supposing I whinge about not having the right numbers?

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