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Okay, that is wrong...

I had a dream where I had to move out of my room for a few days for some reason... And when I woke up, I found that I'd packed up my dressing gown and my duvet in my sleep, and put them across the room. Am slightly freaked out by this.

According to my parents, I used to sleep walk a little when I was a kid... I think I recall stories of being found at the top of the stairs. Then there's the time when I allegedly went star gazing with my telescope, and then couldn't remember a second of it the next day. Confusing.

And right now I'm practically narcoleptic - it's kinda worrying really. Bah..

Anyway, time for some breakfast....

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man, i love stuff like that happening. when karen stayed round on monday night, i dreamt she said something but i replied in reality, and woke her up and she was all confused. hehe.

You forgot the story where you sleep walked into my room and pissed on me.

If only I'd known how he'd turn out, I'd have shat on him for good measure....

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