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Old school...
Sometimes, I miss the fame...
"wicked hott"? What is wrong with these people? SWITCH OFF TRL, IT'S BAD FOR YOU!
You know, back in the day, I used to get twenty comments per LJ post by default, just because of the screaming kiddies. It's like a taste of what being a rock star is all about, only with a layer of geek obscuring the real fun. A hundred idiot fourteen year old American girls, all wetting themselves over some picture of me on my LJ...

It all started here, see... Some innocent little online test, just because I thought it'd be a laugh. And suddenly everybody who took it visited my journal (the fools). If only I hadn't made it appeal to people with my sense of humour (i.e. 14 year old girls, clearly). Anyhow, matters were not helped when I posted this picture of myself, on account of how apparently it looked quite nice. Then there's all the comments, like in this post... And just general fame, and an idea that whatever I said, there was an army of followers hanging on my every word.

But, as is always the way, it all self-destructed. You get to resent 'fans' very quickly, especially when they're as annoying as the girls who were following me around... I turned to messing with their heads, which was a lot more fun. I'd go into examples, but it was cruel and harsh... Suffice it to say, TMA and I had a great laugh with that one....

Oh, and this just amuses me... But yeah, it's funny not having the whole fame gig going on any more. And Online Tests are so badly out of fashion now that if I made another one, I'd never get so many hits. All in all, my tests got about a million hits between them, which isn't bad going for six months... And they're all gone now, because the whole thing is just stupid.

Bah... I forget the point I was trying to make... It's just a general one about how sucky it is to get 'fame' (if you can really call it that), and have it taken away from you. No wonder ex-celebrities do desperate things to get back into the public eye (Celebrity Survivor anybody?)...

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*rolls eyes*... Ah well, if you ever decide to off yourself, you can think back to those days and perhaps think "ah my life was worth something, i made an impact on the peanut gallery"... Or some such shit.


Anyway, have a good week...


its not my fault that we have the same name and i was just goofing around one day and found this site. it looked interesting so i had to take a gander. you actually lead a pretty interesting life and i didn't realize that you were hot until the other night when someone else wrote it. you still havent told me how you can possibly drink that much or even pay for all of it. i would really like to know and do you go to school at all cuz my friend and i are debating when you would have time between all of your drinking

you still havent told me how you can possibly drink that much

I have a reasonably good tolerance for alcohol - it's what happens after three years of university.

or even pay for all of it

It's only about £10 for a litre of vodka - that's enough for at least four binges. I worked for three months over the summer in order to be able to fund having a bit of fun in my last year.

do you go to school at all cuz my friend and i are debating when you would have time between all of your drinking

I go out two, perhaps three nights per week. I don't even have any lectures on Wednesdays or Fridays, and term has finished already anyway. I certainly have plenty of time for university.

And this is by far the best comment you got! : )

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