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I came back from the party pretty fucking wasted

I necked about a third of a litre of vodka, and way too much tequila

The first tequila shot was fine. Then I did this massive glass of it, which was not cool. Very un-MTV, in fact.

I almost fell asleep at the party. But Jimbo took me home instead.

All things considered, this was good - Frisbee people are dangerous to be around if you're asleep

Never know what they might do to me.....

Then I came back and had a massive fry-up. We discovered there's a fire alarm on the ground floor (after we disconnected the one in the basement, and alarms were still going). We never knew that before. Suffice it to say, it doens't work any more. But it was Jimbo's fault it went off.

I actually feel fairly okay now. Shame... I'd quite like to go back to the party, but I suspect that they've probably finished by now....

Night time


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