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Then I say fight .. Better dead than Smeg.

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That has to be the most annoying show ever. The only redeeming feature is that I'm in the credits.

I'm sorry, but everyone's up that shows' arse and it's complete crap. Chris Barrie is the most annoying man on earth. And the music is wank too.

But hey, it wouldn't be cult tv if everyone liked it. By definition, the majority hate it's fucking I guess I win.

Paul, just out of interest, remind me why you read my journal. See, the only comments you ever make are the "I'll contradict whatever you say" type ones. Red Dwarf, Sweetness, Frisbee, Coupling. I'm not sure at what point I hinted to you that I required your input, but never mind. You seem to specifically read my journal just to try to start arguments that I really don't care about. In some small way, it makes me happy that I'm so very different to you.

Just wanted to check that you can see how petty you look.

Lol, ironically I noticed the same trend, but I assure you it's not intentional. I'm not being petty. It's merely a difference in opinion on a few things. I think you're jumping the gauntlet a tad here with the whole being petty thing:

Sweetness - you posted about it, i asked which version, pointing out the fact that the vast online majority prefer the demo version, assuming you would agree.

GTA - It was you who made the first superiority statement claiming GTA3 was better than vice city, i merely stated my opinion. And I honestly couldn't believe you liked 3 over VC, after how well it's done, helping to shift 60,000 ps2s in a week.

And Red Dwarf? Well that show reaaaaally gets under my skin, I find it irritating, annoying etc. I probably shouldn't have just slaughtered it mercilessly, but feel free to have a shot at something I post about in the same way some time.

Any references I made to all our differences in opinion were exactly that. They weren't meant to honestly mean "you're always wrong", more "we're always disagreeing on things".

I assure you that this alarming trend is purely coincidental. I have no beef with you my son (well...don't get me started on the posting about getting drunk all the time, but that's more of a paul vs society thing, nothing personal at all, lol) we're just very different people.

but feel free to have a shot at something I post about in the same way some time

That would require me reading your journal, something I've not done in a great many months. I'll give it a miss...

Oooooh, how cutting.

I haven't posted in ages anyway. But no need to be bitter dude. I seriously don't have a problem with you. In fact I welcome each and every one of frisbee related posts.

Mmm...Arnie J. How I love thee.

Eeeeee! This week I actually calmed down with the whole Back To The Future boxset obsessiveness, and was having Red Dwarf boxset (that really old "six of the best" one) obsessiveness instead. Yayness :)

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