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Deb's Site - Reviewed ;o)
Deb hasn't done an individual post about it in the last little while, so I have nothing to reply to really. So I shall start my own post.

Well, went to Deb's site. Went earlier, but it wasn't completely up, so I didn't bother staying long. After I verified that her webcam pics were broken links, I had no reason to stay. However, on returning a few hours later, I found that it was all finished. Yay for pictures of Deb, always appreciated. However, I must confess that attractive as they were, those weren't the pictures that really grabbed my attention.... See, there were also pictures of...........

Cats! Woohoo! I love cats. Especially Deja, one of the most beautiful cats in the universe. But I probably just say that because she looks like my cat. Well, not much. But she has the same pattern of white as Alfred does, more or less, and that has to count for something. Plus - white socks, just like Alfred :o)

The other cats are all lovely too - especially Kami, Otis, and Sheba. Awww... I was especially touched by the fact that, listed under Sheba's favourite things, is Cosmo, one of the other cats. Sometimes I wish I had many cats, simply because while I'm sure my cat is much loved by me, and shows me love (sometimes), it'd be so nice to see her getting on well with other cats more.... :o)

As for Deb's band - acursed site doesn't have any audio up yet, so I can't listen to that.... So instead I just wandered around the site a bit more, until I was finally diverted away by the Cadbury's Creme Egg link, from which I never returned - a hint is not to provide links to chocolate on your page - easy way to lose viewers.

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!!!!!!!! My first website review in print, and such a positive one!!!!!

/me is thoroughly overwhelmed that someone would be that persistent just to see my site ...


Love ya, James. *BEAM!*

Well I've tried a few times to see the site, but I was thwarted by those damned Access Forbidden error things.... And come on - who wouldn't be eager to see your site? :o)

Ooh, let's just find a bucket of ice to cool down my blushing little face here ... ;-)

Aww... But it makes you look so purty... Or is it perty? I never could spell my (attempted) compliments right... :o)

Purdy? I'm not sure either. 8-) IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! *HUG!*

Thought? It took no thought - it is in my very nature to speak the truth of you :o)

Ooof. 8-)

We're back to 'you ARE good ....' 8-D


I still maintain that I'm only average, but you women-folk don't seem to want to listen.... :o)

Ooh, and so modest too! :-D

*give us a hug for the road, I'm off to attack the remains of my birthday cake in a mo ;-) *


Thank you, my dear! *big hug*

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