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Oh wow, that was a good evening.... Any night out when you arrive home at 6am is good by definition :o)

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Nokturnal Peeps...

Yea, so I'd say My last weekend was pretty Fun!
Friday was out 'till 5am. (Sat. morning) and Saturday I was out 'till about 3am. (Sun. morning).
Good times were had by all...especially since I got to Chill w/ the Boys & "Rocky Crew" (Denver's Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast).
Nothin' like Drinkin' w/ the Westwood Boys, Flirtin' w/ PERKY, meeting up w/ the Crew for Pool, and finally hangin' @ "Perkin's".
Oh yea, and PERKY wants My #, he so better CALL Me!!
LoL, and I STILL Want his Hat!! :P

Well, I hope your Night was as Eventful as My Weekend...Sorry I rambled so much, I'm sure you don't know 1/2 of what I was talking about or even care.


Unless you're abducted and raped at 10.00pm, left for dead in a gutter and it takes you 8 hours to crawl home.

Sounds like my sort of night!

still trying to decide which comment your reply was in response to... ;)

Oh, I think it was pretty clear...

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