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I had a lot of sleep last night... That's good... My interim report is almost done, which is also good, though I don't know when I'm going to get it finished, because as of now I'm booked solid until next Monday. Still, I'll find time...

Plans from now on - Frisbee at 3, get changed at 5, Ali Cats at 6, Italian Restaurant at 7, Prodigal at 10pm, Creation at 11pm, Laser Quest at 2am, Sleep at 4am, Bungee (not me) at 1pm tomorrow, Frisbee at 2pm, Social at 5pm, Sleep at 2am, spend all of Thursday recovering, possibly going out Thursday night, then on Friday, Frisbee at 2pm, drinks at 5pm, go home, change, party at 8pm all night, then paintball all Saturday, Rachel on Saturday night and Sunday.....



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