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I just opened my door to find the Martin Fowler Calendar hanging from just above the door, attached to a string which is attached to my door handle. I think the idea was that as I opened the door, it pulled it down. Fortunately that didn't happen. Now I have a few hours to work out where I can put it for Claire... I daren't go in her room while she's asleep, so I'll have to come up with something else....

Update 2 minutes later: She busted me - I knew I shouldn't have turned on the light outside her door.. Still, she can't stay awake all night, and then I'll be able to carry out whatever plan I work out.... :o)

And 5 minutes on... I've hidden the small picture somewhere for her, but the calendar still needs to go somewhere, booby-trap style. I could post it to her, but that would take ages...

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they make a martin fowler calendar? ew.

No, it's just an Inside Soap calendar, but Martin has the month of February, so I keep pinning it up in Claire's room...

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