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Claire and I have a deal whereby if I ever cheat on a girl, she can kill me. Heh... :o)

c:\the runway lights are the interim report.doc

I give my filenames stupid names. No wonder I can never find my work....

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damn right :-P I'll help her... >:-}

Hey, I'm a good boy. Never cheated on anybody. Ever :o)

when I was cheated on, it sent me spiralling down, and it took me over a year to recover. It was horrific.

Likewise. Hence why it's bad, and I wouldn't do it.

Remember to shut off your electronic devices.

Heh. My notes on it are called

c:\remember to shut off your interim report.txt

what are you thinking if you meet someone better why would you do something like that

If you meet somebody better then you finish with the first girl before you do anything. Anything else is naughty.

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