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Just saw a LJ survey with the following questions:

1. have you ever had sex?
2. how many times?

I mean really... People who actually have sex don't count how many times they do it - who other than a kid would even ask such a question? Well, y'know, it just made me laugh - you can tell a lot about the writer of a poll just by the questions they pose...

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oh come on, man, you're dying to tell us...

I think its good to remember how many people youve been with...for moral should really have to *count* or *remember* how many people...that's....hmm. I think it's a logical question,why does it have to be a kid who asked?

It's not asking how many people you've been with (that was question 3 on the poll as it goes) - it's asking specifically how many times you've had sex. I mean really, who counts that?

Arnold Judas Rimmer counts it, that who.

ginge used to be able to tell us how many times he had sex. his ex counted the 170 odd times (as far as i remember)..

That's.. well.. insane...

I'm not even sure how one could quantify it anyway... There are so many different ways one could count it...

Ohhh ok lol Now i see your point...

lol *hangs head* i tried to count when i first started sleeping with my boyfriend..... lasted into about double figures then lost track..... like u say there's just too many variables! too many ways u could count it..... so yeah.... if any1 manages to keep track i'd be a bit freaked out!


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