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Good God this "new" version of the song is shite....

And with that, g'night...

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Which new version?

Cos everyone knows that the demo version that starts with the guitar rather than Jim's singing is miles better. In fact most of the Bleed American demos are vastly superior (altho obv. not in production) to the studio versions. I was gutted when I bought BA and heard sweetness studio, it really doesn't fulfill the promise of the demo...

The "good" version, in my opinion, is the one that goes vocals, distortion guitar, then vocals over clean guitar. The "crap" version, again IMHO, starts off with the clean guitar before the vocals. It just doesn't sound at all right...

Bah. You seem to have a habit of disagreeing with the majority. First GTA Vice City, now this. What next? Are you gonna start suggesting the new ataris stuff is rubbish?

Hhahahahaha...kidding...that airplane themed one is bollocks...

It has a good melody, and the guitar work is good (has been since they replaced their guitarist). Just a shame about the lyrics :o)

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