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Jogged a mile before going to Frisbee. Then spent two hours running around. Then went to the pub. Then ran from the pub to the bus stop, which was good exercise too.

I don't know what I'm going to do over the Christmas holidays, no exercise... I shall have to spend my time doing push-ups and stomach crunches, and weights, and cycling (if Jimbo leaves his bike here), and maybe going on runs too. I'll make myself a timetable and stuff. God, who'd have thought I'd turn into a fitness freak? ;o)

Had the best practice session of my life tonight, as it goes. Heard some bloody awful news there, but my actual level of play was good. The first team I was on, I managed to either score or assist in almost every point we scored. And one of our players was literally a ten year old boy (who, though good, isn't very tall or quick for obvious reasons). And we kicked the arse of the team we were against - effectively four players on five, and one of ours was a girl, and we still did really well.

Then I got swapped off my team, and two players from the team complained at losing "the best player", which I was well chuffed with. Even though I know I wasn't the best player, it's just important that people think I was. Anyhow, then I was on a really really good team (with Felix, Andy, Jimbo, etc.), and I did quite well there too. I'm getting much better at being a handler rather than receiver too - my side-arms are really improving, my catching is now spot on at close range, I didn't fuck up once today.

So yeah, all is good... By the time we get to Rimini, hopefully I'll be great :o)

And now to commit ritual suicide, as an alternative to.. well.. stuff...

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God, who'd have thought I'd turn into a fitness freak? ;o)

it happens to us all, mate! ;) sadly i got ill and that fucked up my routine... need to get back into it, eh. s'cool yer going for it, good for you man!

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