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Right, I just got this e-mail which had various girls trying to entice me into visiting "their" site. With the following captions:

"I'm a virgin, I'm just not very good at it!"
"School just out & my folks aren't home..."
"Cum see what we learned in Sex Ed today!"
"Spray your huge load all over my cute face!"

For starters, why is it that the first three are all slightly subtle, and enticing, whereas the fourth one is just plain slutty? I mean really, consistency? Are we to assume that they figure if we reach the fourth picture panel and we're still not convinced, that we actually need an outright explicit invitation?

And secondly, how can one be a bad virgin? Surely after you're crap at being a virgin once, you're no longer one at all, and thus can't be bad at it any more...

All in all, I've been reminded why it is I don't read porn spam...

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Porn spam is funny for those exact reasons :)

Not that I want any more really, but it's the only upside to getting the fuck spammed out of me every day.

The other day I was wondering why a porn spam started with "Porno! Porno! Porno!" - as if they think we're not going to read it because we don't realise it's about porn.

"Cum see me on my webcam"

Yeah, those amuse me as well.

Of course, I still think it's the best that *I* get penis enlargement e-mails every day.

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